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Karate is for everyone

Everyone can learn karate – whether for reasons of health, for exercise or to participate in competitions – to learn self-defense or to discover their own limitations. Anyone who wishes to develop mentally and physically will benefit from training. You can train alone or in groups, indoors or outside, with or without facilities – the method is suitable for everybody.


Karate is a long road which begins with you beginning.

You need no special abilities or great fitness to start. It is the motivation that counts and the will to perform something perfectly. The results depend on your experience, the intensity with which you train and your genetic constitution.

In everyday karate training it is possible to develop physical control, suppleness, speed, better reflexes and strength. This is achieved through different exercises that aim better coordination and focus of muscle power and inner energy (kime). The benefit of training varies relative to the person’s age, physique and frequency of training. Children and youngsters improve their balance, memory and discipline. Those from 18 – 30 develop strength, speed and their reflexes become sharper. From 40 years of age training contributes to maintaining the body’s suppleness and strength while the spiritual aspect of karate becomes more understandable and the use of inner strength can be perfected.


Karate is a way of changing your life through exercises. Initially, the emphasis is on the physical aspects: training certain muscles, strengthening the bones and improving suppleness. Then comes training in the use of strength obtained from internal organs. The third phase is the development of the spiritual aspect.

Karate is based upon a holistic view of human beings and has roots in Zen and Japanese traditions. Mental development, respect for others, self-respect and self-control are equally important as physical skills.

The basic attitude in karate is defensive. Its use in practice can only be justified in self-defense, however, and then it is highly effective.


At the beginning regular sports clothing is quite sufficient. As one progresses, however, special clothing (Gi) will better be suited for training.

The price is closely linked to quality and can vary between 200 and 1800 Danish kroner. Most types of Gi can be purchased in Aarhus and Copenhagen, but we can also assist in the purchase of equipment from abroad.